Why Home Styling is More Important than Ever to Sell Your Property in Brisbane

If you’re a homeowner selling your house on the market, or a real estate agent managing the sale of a house or apartment – you know the current state of the Brisbane property market.
Cosy living room with blue and white striped sofas and orange chairs

Jilba Street, Brisbane | SOLD in 7 days | $12,000,000 | $6,000,000 Above Previous Record

With too many properties for sale and too few buyers, it’s hard to make your property stand out amongst hundreds of others trying to do the same. It’s equally hard to attract the right person to find, inspect and own your home. Because of this, regardless of which region in Brisbane you’re selling from, or the type of property it is – in the current state of the property market, it can be just as hard to get out as it is to get in.

So, how can I make my property stand out in the crowd?

It’s easy for your property to get lost within the endless listings of monotonous brick homes and white walled apartments. When trying to sell your property, the presentation of your home may fall second to the stress of paperwork and liaising with clients. Amidst the pressure of your property’s growing time on the market, it can feel like time is running out. 

Partnering with the right home styling company can help alleviate the burden and bring you your desired results. See how consulting a team of home stylists can give you the help you need to elevate your home and achieve great returns on your property.

Why should I use home styling services to professionally style my home before sale?

Bring in a new perspective

Some things are best left to the experts. When you decide to style your home, you’re bringing your existing perception of the house into your design decisions. When you live in or manage a property for an extended period of time, the house as it is begins to look dated. 

Home staging brings in a new pair of eyes and a fresh perspective to reassess your property and how it can look its best. A stylist will evaluate all the rooms to see how they can use furnishings and decor to create subtle and major changes to the appearance of the room that will elevate the desirability and market value of your property. 

Spend less time on styling 

Professional home stylists often have a background in interior design, and years of experience in practicing their craft. Even at a glance, they may understand your property better than you do. 

In staging your home, they make sure to highlight the biggest selling points of your properties to your potential buyers, whilst covering up the less desirable aspects. 

In terms of sourcing decor, home stylists often have a storage facility of owned furniture, artwork and other decorations to style every room of your house. If not, they can leverage their existing network and relationships to source the exact pieces that they know will make your property stand out on the market. 

Managing a property on the market is time consuming and can be stressful. Take away the stress of home staging and leave it to the trusted experts. Working with a professional home staging company can bring you the results you want fast, without the worries of designing, sourcing and decorating your property.

Attract the right buyers

Appealing to the right buyers is key to getting your house sold. Home stylists understand what properties sell best in your local area, and what changes they can make to make your property stand out to them. 

The house one lives in is a reflection of their lifestyle – or at least, the life they want to live. Take for example; an apartment best suited for a couple with no children will be vastly different to a house suited for a family of 5. The apartment may have one bedroom with an ensuite and a large study area. On the contrary, the house may have multiple bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and an extensive living & dining area. There is no one which is better than the other, but certain features of a house will appeal best to certain demographics based on their lifestyle. 

Home stylists take into account the different ages, family compositions and lifestyles of your future buyer when presenting your home. 

These key differences between the desired lifestyles of your buyer are leveraged to display your buyer’s ideal lifestyle – one they want and can imagine themselves living in. Home staging goes beyond placing items of furniture in an empty room – it’s displaying an achievable dream lifestyle and creating emotional connections between buyers and your home. 

Reduce time on the market

Extended periods of time on the market can be a liability to real estate agents. The longer a property is on the market for, the less it appeals to buyers. Buyers can start to doubt the desirability of the property, when in reality the house may not be less desirable – just poorly photographed or presented. 

The longer your property sits on the market for, the longer it is also subject to volatility and changes in the market. Whilst this could be better conditions, the risk of a downturn in the market is to be considered by both home sellers and real estate agents. This adds to the pressure on real estate agents to sell high and sell fast. Home staging can help you secure a quick sale by reducing your property’s time on the market. 

A house may take longer to sell for various reasons: 

  • Poorly taken or misleading listing photos
  • No or poor decor
  • Poor location
  • Poor architectural design

The impact of many of these reasons can be reduced significantly by investing some time into appropriately staging your home for sale. With well shot images of an appropriately decorated home, you can significantly improve engagement on your listing, and direct traffic and bids towards your property. Home staging can help streamline your selling process from getting leads to closing the final deal.

Hawken Drive Project

SOLD $3,300,000 in 4 days – Suburb record
Expected sales price: $2.4 million

Increase your sale price

In real estate, first impressions are important. What your buyer sees when they step into your house is what they will pay for. This is near impossible to change. Staging your home is key to attracting upper class buyers, willing to pay more for your house. 

The strength of home staging lies in creating an experience that potential buyers will remember. 

With the help of the right stylist, you can curate a design that will perfectly suit your home. A home with tailored aesthetic and functional designs will appeal to buyers through a specific ideal lifestyle.

When buyers see your house at its best, they truly see it for what it’s worth. For many buyers that could warrant paying a premium price, achieving a sale price and profit well above market value. 

Staging a home without the help of an expert can be time consuming and labour intensive.  Brisbane Makeover Co are the home staging professionals in the Brisbane region. We’ve worked on a range of projects to make Queensland homes market-ready. Our interior design and home styling packages create a unique charm to your property that’ll set your house apart from the rest. Whether your ideal buyer is browsing for listings online, or inspecting in person – a home styled by Brisbane Makeover Co will leave a memorable impression. 

Work with us to stage your home and see how we can sell your home faster and at a higher price.


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