Home Staging For Home Sellers

Our home stylists help you sell your home for more

Professional home staging is proven to secure higher sale prices for properties on the market. By placing ourselves into the perspective of your ideal home buyer –whether that’s a single, working professional or a family– we can craft a space to suit their tastes and influence how they feel in your space.

We’ll craft a space that feels like home to them.

Our home stylists help you sell your home for more

Professional home staging is proven to secure higher sale prices for properties on the market. By placing ourselves into the perspective of your ideal home buyer –whether that’s a single working professional or a family– we can craft a space to suit their tastes and influence how they feel in your space.

We’ll craft a space that feels like home to them.

We make the process simple

From our warehouse of furniture and unique pieces ready to go for a fast turnaround, to the proactive communication our team provides, we make the home staging process simple. We know our independent home sellers often need some additional guidance. Our stylists provide you with market insights and work with you to make strategic staging decisions.

Whether your ideal buyer is a humble family or a driven, single professional — we have a variety of stunning, designer pieces at our disposal. We have our own warehouse here in Brisbane, so when a specific item is everything we need to pull a space together, we just draw on our warehouse of stock.

styled bed and bedside table

The investment in styling is quickly offset by the sale price it attracts

The homes we style typically sell faster and at a higher price. Our focus is on unforgettable, inspirational interiors that are specifically designed to inspire your ideal buyer’s lifestyle dreams and aspirations — not just generic home styling that fails to set the pace.

Every dollar you spend on targeted, sophisticated styling is quickly offset by attracting the premium sale price, while reducing the costs from a delayed sale.

Why collaborate with us?

Increase the ROI on your home
Home staging is proven to secure higher selling prices for listed properties. By crafting these perfect spaces, we allow the buyer to see themselves in the space and visualise how they’d use it.
We craft spaces to the ideal buyer
We take on the perspective of your ideal buyer and style your space to create an idyllic lifestyle they can step into. By appealing to the perfect buyer, you can tick off their mental checklist as they view the property.
Get your listing to market sooner
Our warehouse of designer pieces and decades of experience allows us to get your space staged quicker, allowing you to get your home listed sooner.
We have a warehouse of pieces
We have a warehouse of designer pieces here in Brisbane. Ranging from furniture to once-off decor, we’re able to have your home styled quickly, using our own pieces.

Our Property Styling Process

At Brisbane Makeover Co., we believe in the transformative power of property staging and styling. Each property is a unique canvas, and our mission is to curate it into a dream home that appeals to potential buyers.

Step 1: Consultation with Our Qualified Property Stylist

Our journey starts with a complimentary consultation, where our qualified property stylist assesses your house and familiarises themselves with its unique attributes. We delve into your goals and the specific needs of your target market, whether that’s a growing family or a single professional.

Step 2: Development of a Personalised Property Styling Plan

Building on insights from our initial consultation, we devise a customised property styling plan. This plan includes the selection of furniture and decor from our extensive collection, curated to accentuate your property’s charm and appeal. We balance aesthetic appeal with practical living considerations, ensuring the property feels like a genuine home.

Step 3: Implementation by Our Expert Property Stylist

With a discerning eye for detail, our expert property stylist sets to work transforming your property. We take care of every logistical detail, from delivery and placement of furniture to finessing the finest details, ensuring your property is staged perfectly.

Step 4: Showcasing Your Staged Property

Once your home staging is complete, your house is ready to be showcased to potential buyers. Our interior design expertise shines here, as we make your property not just a space, but a vision of a lifestyle. This vision helps prospective buyers imagine themselves living in the house, thereby enhancing the chances of a swift and lucrative sale.

Step 5: De-staging and Post-Sale Service

After the successful sale of your property, we manage the de-staging process, returning all items to our warehouse. We may also extend our service beyond the sale, and offer additional assistance or advice if needed.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do at Brisbane Makeover Co. Our team of home stylists works closely with real estate agents and property managers to deliver a fantastic job every time. We are committed to making your selling process smooth and successful, by creating an appealing atmosphere that potential buyers can’t resist.
Let’s collaborate and curate an unforgettable, luxurious experience for your potential buyers.

Get your home listed sooner and take home more

Our warehouse here in Brisbane and our savvy team allows us to stage your home for sale quickly. It means you can get your professional photos taken sooner to get your property to market faster for a quick sale. The quality of our home staging means you’ll be able to secure a higher asking price.


Who we are

Here at Brisbane Makeover Co., we’re an acclaimed property styling company renowned for our bespoke, turnkey solutions. Our unique approach transforms each listing into an enticing prospect, ensuring rapid sales at elevated prices.

As Queensland’s elite team of home transformation specialists, we provide a comprehensive service spanning from furniture selection and installation to removal, helping you seamlessly transition to your next project.

We specialise in maximising sale prices through custom property makeovers, and have assisted more than 500 homeowners, investors, and developers in the past year alone. With a proven track record in luxury home preparation, we leverage a diverse range of unique pieces and designer accessories to create inspirational, memorable interiors. Our mission is to reveal each property’s true value, enabling faster sales and higher profits for our clients.

Our home stylists can help sell your home for more

Styling for property sale - luxurious transformation, excellent customer liaison, responsive to client needs, fabulous / fun team in house !!

5 stars
Cate Absolon

David and the team take property styling to a new level. Our house was sold under 24 hours and before the first inspection. I give some credit if not all to David and his team for a great job in styling our house. Highly recommend them.

5 stars
Behzad Nasirpour

Brisbane Makeover Co are truly the best in the business, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any agent or developer to style their properties for sale. David and the whole team are great people to work with and I would describe them as partners in the game. We first engaged them to assist in selling 43 apartments in one building and at any one point we would have between 3 to 6 displays on the ground. Each display was on point with quality furniture and pieces that elevated the properties and hit the target market perfectly, each with their own flair. The end result was a faster than anticipated project out delivered at a competitive cost. The whole team are responsive and helpful, trustworthy and true professionals. We now look to Brisbane Makeover Co as our go-to stylist and really value the relationship.

5 stars
Michael Jones, Bold Residential & YPM Group

The team from Brisbane Makeover were highly professional and presented our home in a way that made the most of its attributes. They attended to every detail and missed no opportunity to present the home in the best possible manner. We are confident that the styling of the home made a very positive contribution to our successful sale.

5 stars
Glen Mullins
Brisbane Makeover Co.

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