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The price of styling a Brisbane home varies according to the size and the home staging needs. For a free styling proposal, reach out to one of our friendly staff or send us an enquiry today. 

What is Home Styling?

Home styling is essentially presenting your home in the most flattering way for potential buyers. Styling your home can influence a potential buyer, our stylists tap into your ideal buyer’s aspirations and desires so that they will be able to visualise themselves in the home, persuading them to purchase.

Staging your home is a proven method that allows you to maximise the final sale price of your property. According to Investopedia, statistics confirm that a home that has been staged reported an increase in the dollar value offered by homebuyers contrasted with homes that were not staged. Therefore, a Brisbane home that is styled will raise its selling price as well as increase the chance of it selling faster.

You should contact a property stylist at least two to three weeks before your home is put on the market. This gives us plenty of time to make any necessary updates to your home and deliver a perfectly styled home. This will also give you time to photograph the home once it’s staged before it hits the market. A majority of potential home buyers do their initial search online before attending open homes and putting in offers. 

Getting your home styled before the first open house is crucial as this produces the largest interest and will have the bulk of the showings. When it comes to selling a home, making the best first impression is essential.

If you want to incorporate some of your own furniture in the home staging process, we will do what is most commonly known as integrated property styling. This is usually for home owners who continue to live in the home during the sale period. While we always recommend the home to be vacant for the full home styling effect, there are decorative accessories such as artwork we can utilise to appeal to the ideal buyers.

Yes, if your property is empty and it’s about to go on the market, it is even more critical that your home is staged. Walking into a home that is empty can feel cold, lonely and impersonal, making it hard for buyers to make that connection with a home. Styling a property with furniture allows the space to be seen by prospective buyers at its highest potential.

After our initial walk through of your home, we will determine your target buyers and bring together a concept. All of our pieces are carefully selected in order to attract your home’s ideal buyer.

Our professional styling experts carefully select each piece that will appeal to the most suitable potential buyer. We utilise our experience and the finest pieces so buyers can visualise themselves in your home and are not meant to be a reflection on your personal taste.

During the home styling period, it is recommended that the property stays vacant for the protection of the furniture and styling accessories and to ensure the home is looking its best.

Although uncommon, if your home has not been sold after the home styling hire period there are a couple of avenues you can take. You can prolong your home styling hire weekly or monthly until your property is sold. Otherwise, we can pull the furniture from your home after the hire period. In this circumstance, you will still be able to use the photographs that were taken with the home staging.

The usual home styling period is typically from around two weeks to a month. If you would like to extend the hiring period, please just let us know.

Installation of the styling can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day. How long it will take will be determined on the size of your home and whether it is a fully styled home or integrated.

Let’s say, you prepared your home for the property market by the book. You photographed with beautiful angles, and priced the property conservatively but you didn’t have any furniture in the home for viewings. Any potential buyer walking through won’t be able to visualise themselves living in the space. This could possibly result in no offers being made until the home is staged with furniture.

We service homes all over Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

We specialise in delivering an end to end service for your home to be photo ready.

The rooms that are the most important to stage are the living room, master bedroom and the kitchen. The most important in the house being the living room, as the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports that 86% of buyers consider seeing a staged living room as “important” or “very important” when viewing a home. The second most important room to be viewed by buyers is the master bedroom, followed closely by the kitchen.

In usual circumstances, the home styling costs are the seller’s responsibility. If your agent believes home styling will significantly increase the sale price of the home, you could consult with them about dividing the costs – we also have payment options that can be coordinated through an external company.

We understand a very busy life can take priority of staging your home, luckily we have the expertise behind us so on installation day our clients feel comfortable letting us take charge. It is very important to us that we make the entire operation as smooth as possible.

If you have not already moved into your new home, your furniture that is not needed in the home staging period and other belongings will need to be stored elsewhere.

If you have pets, we recommend that they vacate the home during the home styling period. This is for the protection of our designer furniture and one-off decor pieces as well as to guarantee the cleanliness of the home during the home styling period.

While we understand accidents happen, you are liable for any furniture that may become damaged in your home. If the items become damaged while under your care, you will be billed the full replacement cost.

To make the most of home staging, you should take a good look inside and outside  the home and dispose of anything that may appear untidy and clean from top to bottom before the stylist arrives. This will ensure that the experience between you and the stylist will be more streamlined.

If you are ready to get your house sold swiftly at a higher price, contact us today.

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