How to Furnish a House with a High-End Look

furnished luxurious living area

Creating a luxurious and unique living space is more than just selecting stylish furniture; it’s about curating an experience that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

In this blog post, we’re going to share valuable insights to help you achieve that high-end feel, whether you’re working on a budget, blending old with new, or just starting out. We’ll explore key principles, from streamlining your space design and investing in statement pieces, to emphasising intricate details that add depth and character to your home. So, buckle up for an exciting journey of transformation, as we delve into the world of luxury home furnishing.

Let’s start by understanding the importance of planning and designing your space for a refined and elegant aesthetic.

Key Furniture Investments

Investing wisely in key pieces of furniture lays the foundation for a high-end home aesthetic. Here are just some of the ways you can transform your living room, dining room, and bedroom into the epitome of luxury and comfort.

A. Living Room:

The living room, the home’s heart, requires an investment in key furniture for a luxury appeal.

  1. Sofa as Centrepiece
    Opt for a high-quality sofa that provides comfort and becomes the room’s focal point. Select one with luxurious upholstery, detailed design, and a style that matches your home decor for instant elegance.
  2. Sophisticated Accent Chairs
    Enhance comfort and style with carefully chosen accent chairs that complement your sofa. Plush upholstery, elegant patterns, and rich fabrics can add sophistication and match your living room’s style.
  3. Deluxe Coffee Table
    Add a final touch with a luxury-exuding coffee table. Consider materials like marble or glass and pay attention to design details for a high-end aesthetic.

B. Dining Room

The right furniture in your dining room sets the stage for memorable dining experiences.

  1. Dining Table with Style
    Select a stylish, functional dining table that meets your taste and needs. Opt for quality materials and craftsmanship. Suitable shapes like rectangular or round can enhance the overall ambience of your dining space.
  2. Contemporary Dining Chairs
    Complement the table with stylish, comfortable dining chairs that add to the dining room’s luxury. Upholstered seats, sleek lines, and modern designs can lend sophistication.
  3. Atmosphere-Enhancing Table Lamps
    Stunning table lamps not only offer soft ambient lighting but also act as elegant house decor elements. Choose lamps that pair well with your dining table and space ambience.

C. Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a haven of luxury and relaxation. By investing in the right furniture pieces, you can create a truly indulgent space.

  1. Luxury Bed Frame
    Choose a bed frame, like a tufted upholstered or four-poster bed, that adds opulence and sets the room’s tone.
  2. Harmonious Bedside Tables
    Opt for bedside tables that match your bed frame and offer ample storage. This coordination adds sophistication and functionality to your bedroom.
  3. Ambient Table Lamps
    Incorporate table lamps that provide warm, ambient light, adding a touch of elegance and a cosy atmosphere. Position them strategically for a soothing relaxation ambience.

Blending Old with New

Curating a luxurious home aesthetic doesn’t solely rely on new furniture; incorporating both contemporary and vintage elements can infuse depth and character into your decor. Explore stores specialising in high-quality, designer pieces that align with your taste and overall design theme to heighten your home’s style and sophistication.

Online platforms like Facebook Marketplace are treasure troves of unique vintage furniture pieces, often at lower prices, adding charm and individuality to your home. The secret to successfully melding old with new lies in maintaining a cohesive aesthetic, carefully considering each piece’s style, material, and colour to create a harmonious blend.

Remember, furnishing a house is an outlet for personal expression, an opportunity to create a home that’s truly yours. Embrace the journey of harmonising vintage charm with contemporary elegance, and don’t hesitate to mix old and new to create a unique, high-end look in each room, be it in a new house or a guest room.

Emphasising Details

Small details play a significant role in house furnishing, helping to cultivate a luxurious ambience. By prioritising these finer aspects, you transform your space into a haven.

Key details involve well-curated decorative items and accessories that serve as final touches, harmonising the room. Statement artwork adds personality, while elegant mirrors expand perceived space and enhance natural light. Furthermore, consider tasteful rugs to anchor your space, contributing texture, warmth, and complementing the colour scheme.

High-quality curtains or blinds constitute another vital detail. Beyond privacy, they add sophistication to your space. Choose luxurious materials that drape well and enhance room aesthetics, framing views, controlling light, and offering refinement.

Budget Furnishing

Attaining a luxurious home aesthetic doesn’t necessitate a grand budget. By prioritising and exploring various options, you can create a stylish, high-end space that mirrors your taste without overspending.

Concentrate your budget on impactful key furniture pieces like a statement sofa, a chic dining table, or a luxury bed frame. These essential items set the room’s tone, elevating the aesthetic, allowing for compromise on non-critical items or accessories.

Stretch your budget with refurbished or gently used furniture, often available in excellent condition at reduced prices. This approach helps imbue your home with high-end style without financial strain.

Leverage sales and discounts from reputable furniture stores, timing your purchases strategically for maximum savings. Inquiring about upcoming sales or clearance events could help lessen your budget.

Online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, as previously mentioned, offer potential savings and unique finds. Here, discover deals on new and gently used furniture that elevate your home’s style within budget.

Get started planning your high-end furnished house today

As we’ve explored, curating a high-end look for your home involves much more than just filling spaces with furniture. It’s about strategic space planning, key furniture investments, blending old with new, emphasising small yet impactful details, and, most importantly, making smart decisions that reflect your personal style and meet your budget. It is this thoughtful and well-designed approach to house furnishing that ultimately leads to a harmonious and luxurious living environment, one that is a joy to come home to every day.

We hope this guide serves as a valuable starting point on your journey towards creating a unique, high-end aesthetic in your home. Each home has a unique story to tell and, with the right design choices, yours can be a tale of luxury, elegance, and individuality.

We invite you to explore how Brisbane Makeover Co. can assist you further in your high-end home furnishing needs. With our expertly curated ex-display furniture packages and bespoke interior designer services, we are committed to transforming your space into a luxurious haven that reflects your taste and lifestyle.

Contact us today and embark on a stress-free journey towards creating your dream home.


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