Are you looking to increase the value of your home?

Property styling can increase the final sale price of a home from anywhere between 7.5% to 12.5% (According to a recent survey conducted by LJ Hooker in Australia), this would be a potential gain that means the difference between just breaking even or making a solid profit from your investment.

However, making your home stand out in a saturated market is harder than it seems. So how do you make sure your property stands out from the rest? One of the many challenges of selling in Brisbane is attracting the right buyer and the right price. Securing a profitable, fast sale is half the battle. You can get the highest return with bespoke custom property styling. Having a trusted team of home stylists at your disposal is key to attracting the right buyer.

A picture-perfect property

The first thing people do when searching for a home is to research images online. Potential buyers want to envision a better lifestyle in their new home, so why would you try selling a home with bland photos of an empty space?
Bespoke, tailored property styling is the key to achieving the beautiful, picture-perfect images you see online and wowing the buyer from the very first click.

Lasting impressions

Hooray! Your property is finally on the market. Sure, small improvements are necessary – repainting that wall, updating that kitchen, but are you thinking about your ultimate buyer and their needs and wants?
What is the target demographic in your area?
Are you prepping the home for a family or a young couple?

These questions are incredibly important in the selling of your home. It’s no longer about you as the owner, but your ultimate buyer. It is the most important factor in selling your home for its highest value. It’s the beautiful statement lounges, designer accessories and eye-catching artwork that will make your property feel like their new home. Not only will home staging produce amazing photos for your online listing, but it will also elevate the overall look of your property. Leave a lasting impression on every potential buyer who attends your inspections.

Property styling drives interest to your property by highlighting its potential towards buyers. Styling evokes an emotional response in the buyer to become more attracted to your property and pay a higher price. Transforming your property complemented by expert property styling will set apart your listing from the rest of the properties on the market.

An elite team

In Queensland, Brisbane Makeover Co. is your go-to elite team of home transformation experts. Specialising in home staging and property styling, we are professionals passionate about showcasing the full potential of your house. With years of experience we offer a range of packages to suit your needs and will handle all the aspects of rental furniture installation. Property styling that is custom and thoughtful is majorly influential in achieving your goal sale price, so it is important to make the right choice in choosing experts to assist you in doing so. Interested to know more? Fill in your details on our contact page or call us on 07 3063 3000!


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