Why Luxury Home Staging is Essential For Selling High Ticket Homes

When it comes to selling higher end properties, it’s always more of a challenge than selling an average home. Luxury homes fall in the price range of a smaller demographic, so competition can be tough and expectations are high. This makes appealing to the right buyer paramount.
Luxury modern living room with unique white sofas

Jilba Street, Brisbane | SOLD in 7 days | $12,000,000 | $6,000,000 Above Previous Record

While prospective buyers are interested in the true potential of a home rather than its interior aesthetics, buyers will find it difficult to look past clutter, outdated furniture and displays of the current owner’s overtly personalised items such as family photographs. Not only is this true for when buyers attend showings, but also for when they’re browsing online listings. The hard truth is, half the battle is convincing buyers to make it to the front door.

So as a seller, it’s important to understand the perspective of your ideal home buyers to create first impressions that will positively impact their emotional connection to the space. This is where professional luxury home staging comes in.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of luxury home staging, including:

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What is luxury home staging?

Luxury home staging is an effective marketing technique to transform your home’s interior design, from appearing lived-in and outdated to contemporary and trendy, without the need for a complete makeover. The goal of luxury home staging is to make the property appeal to the right segment of prospective buyers so your real estate agent can ensure the sale happens faster and for a higher price.

Higher end property styling involves having professional interior stylists coming to your home and placing themselves in the shoes of potential buyers, whether families or single working professionals, to craft and design a space that’ll kindle a buyer’s aspirations.

Luxury home staging involves contemporary and trendy furniture, art and other iconic pieces being brought in and elegantly displayed. The purpose of luxury home staging is to help potential buyers visualise themselves in your home by illustrating an aesthetically pleasing and emotionally compelling image of a dream lifestyle that suits their taste.

How does home staging work for luxury properties?

In the initial processes of home staging, a professional staging crew will suggest layouts that will enhance the most important features and rooms of your home. Not all rooms in luxury properties are equally important when it comes to home staging. So if you have limited resources for a full home staging, the primary rooms to focus on are the living room, master bedroom, and the kitchen. The entryway also plays a big role as this is the first point of contact buyers have with the home.

Before the furniture hire can be brought in for the interior styling, there are a few key luxury home staging related tasks the owner ought to perform.

Key to-dos before your luxury home staging


Decluttering each room of your house is important to do before the staging of luxury homes. Decluttering your house will help to free up the space, so your home feels more spacious, inviting and appealing.


The presentation of your home must encourage potential buyers to picture themselves living there. To achieve this, overtly personal items such as family photographs and memorabilia need to be removed. This helps make it easier for the potential buyers to create a vision in their minds of their own lifestyle within the luxury property.

Small repairs

Any small repairs, like paint touch-ups, that may be glaringly obvious should be fixed prior to showings so it doesn’t distract buyers. Addressing small repairs can be quick to do, and can help accentuate the feeling of viewing luxury real estate rather than a home that has work to be done.

Go neutral

Neutral colours are recommended throughout the style features of your house, in the rooms that you are showing. Any excessively bold colours or items are better off being swapped out for neutral tones or stored away as this kind of interior design can distract buyers from other features of the home.

Deep clean

Cleaning is another essential component for making a good first impression. If you don’t have the time, hiring a professional cleaning service is worth it.

Once all these home staging related tasks are completed, a professional home staging team will rearrange your property’s design to create an interior aesthetics that will appeal to the aspiration of potential buyers. This is particularly important with luxury homes and luxury properties, where you’re not just selling a property, but selling a lifestyle.

Top 5 reasons why home staging is essential for a luxury property sale

The design of one’s home is intimate and personal. However, when you’re planning on selling, the home design needs to appeal to the buyer not the seller. So here are the top 5 reasons why home staging is essential.

(1) Home buyers already know what they want

Before they even start their online browsing, prospective buyers already know what they’re looking for in their ideal home. They tend to have a fair idea of their needs and wants, and what they’d consider deal breakers.

If the showing of a luxury home lacks staging, it can be difficult for the buyers to visualise how the space would suit the vision they have of their dream home. This is why it’s important for sellers to put themselves in the perspectives of the buyers. Given that high-end properties are only appealing to a relatively small target demographic, it’s essential to appeal to the ideal buyer by emphasising how the house meets their wants and needs.

Professional luxury home staging facilitates the buyer’s ability to instantly recognise if the home meets or exceeds their expectations.

(2) Luxury home staging will showcase your home's true potential

When it comes to selling your luxury home, the importance of relevant presentation cannot be underestimated. With furniture hire and a curated design to transform a generic home into a gorgeous property, professional home staging gives the seller control over how the house will present itself to buyers.

Proper staging is crucial for evoking the right emotional connections between buyers and the home. For example, the way a room has been arranged will influence how warm and spacious or cosy and intimate the space feels.

Neutrality and luxurious simplicity in design, colour and texture is essential to ensure your home is showcasing its true potential, accentuating its desirable features and creating a compelling experience for potential buyers.

(3) Staging can sell a home priced above market value

If the prices in your neighbourhood are rising and you’re planning on selling your home for an above-market value, then home staging is essential.

This is true in all market conditions, but most relevant in a competitive, buyer’s market. To ensure your home stands out from the competition, property styling will add a trendy move-in charm to your home that many buyers would be willing to pay a premium price for.

Luxury property styling tends to also drive more potential buyers from online listings to home showings, which can increase demand and so improve the selling price.

Want an example of how luxury home staging can increase the sale price and reduce time on market for luxury homes? Check out our Jilba Street Project case study (which sold for a whopping $12Million in 7 days).

(4) Selling a lifestyle = luxury property sales

Selling a home is not about selling a space, but rather selling a lifestyle and highlighting the beautiful design and features that enhance the visual appeal and enjoyment of the space. Potential buyers need to be able to visualise themselves creating a life of their own in this home. Luxury home staging removes the personalisation of the home to the current owner and instead creates a space with that ready-to-move-in charm.

Professional home stagers curate home designs to inspire potential buyers by illustrating how this dream home would appease their lifestyle. Whether your ideal buyer is a small family or a single working professional, the way the home design is presented will affect how buyers emotionally connect to the home.

If a showing is of an empty property, potential buyers will find it even more difficult to visualise how their life could be created in these walls. It’s worth investing in property styling if your home is empty as it will significantly impact the sale.

Staging a luxury property with luxury furniture, interior design, art pieces, decorative accents like fresh flowers and style pieces make a drastic difference in making the property not only look visually appealing, but also help the property feel like a home the target market and potential buyers can envision themselves living in. Staging a luxury home helps to create a story for the buyer about what owning the property and living in the space would feel like.

(5) Decrease time on the market

A stale sitting can be frustrating for luxury home sellers, especially when you know that the longer a home is on the market, the harder it becomes to sell. So there’s a lot of incentive for wanting to sell your property faster.

Luxury home staging helps decrease the time your home spends on the market due to the points listed above. By styling your home, its true potential is showcased which illustrates what the home has to offer prospective buyers without asking them to do all the mental lifting.

And given that buyers already know what they want before they begin their search, professional property styling means that your listing’s photos will have a higher chance of driving more buyers to your front door. Luxury staging helps to highlight the property’s appeal, unique features, and key areas you would like the viewer to focus on, whilst ensuring that the property tells the story of high-end real estate and a lavish lifestyle. Improving the visual interest and appeal of the property photos alone could shave weeks to months off your sale timeline and attract potential buyers who may have otherwise overlooked the property without the photos that luxury staging can produce.

Luxury home staging case studies

Jilba Street Project

This breathtaking home sold for a whopping $12,000,000 in 7 days. It also set a new Brisbane auction sale record and a suburb record, beating the previous benchmark by nearly $6m.

Want to increase your final sale price?

With over 15 years industry experience, at Brisbane Makeover Co. we know how to craft a beautiful space that already feels like home to potential buyers. Our warehouse is stocked with trendy and contemporary furniture sets and other unique pieces to ensure the ease and success of your home styling process.

Our focus is on transforming your empty or lived-in space into a styled, trendy home that inspires your ideal buyer’s lifestyle dreams and ensures your real estate agent can sell your property faster and for a higher price. At Brisbane Makeover Co. we believe that luxury home staging is an absolute must to get the best sale result for luxury real estate. We’re experts in the luxury space for property staging and can bring your luxury home’s unique features into focus.

So if you’re ready to sell your home and are interested in a professional home staging service, feel free to contact us and one of our friendly team members will get back to you.

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