How Much Does Property Styling Cost?

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Your guide to property styling and its costs for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast homes

When you think of the successful sale of a luxury home, your mind likely goes to the architecture, breathtaking views, beautifully designed interiors, the local market value and all of the other numbers involved.

While these things, of course, come into play, one of the biggest pieces of the property sales puzzle is styling.

Selling luxury real estate is an art, and in markets like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, this art is not just an option, but a necessity, if you want to get the best possible price for the sale.

So, if you’re selling a home, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, how much does property styling cost? We’ll cover the cost to stage a house as well as the value of doing so, and the return you can expect, within this article.

Home staging vs. home styling

Before we cover off on the cost of house styling or the cost to stage a house, it’s important to cover what home staging and home styling are.

Technically speaking, property styling and home styling are different to property staging and home staging, although the terms are often used interchangeably.

Both property styling and property staging aim to make a property more appealing to potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of a sale at a higher price. But here are the differences, if you go off the technical meanings.

Home styling and property styling

Property styling in the traditional sense is more holistic and is about presenting the property in the best light by enhancing its features and improving its overall look and feel. It’s about ensuring that the property’s aesthetic appeals to a broad range of potential buyers.

Property styling is often a longer-term strategy. For example, if a property is being renovated for sale, styling might be incorporated into the design phase.

Home styling can involve a wide range of activities, from choosing the right paint colours and finishes to selecting furniture, lighting, and decorative items. It might also involve minor renovations or upgrades.

While it does consider the potential buyer, property styling is more about ensuring the property is presented at its best, irrespective of who might be looking at it.

Home staging and property staging

Property staging on the other hand is more tactical. It’s about preparing a property specifically for sale. The focus is on creating a space where potential buyers can easily visualise themselves living.

Staging is typically a short-term solution. Once the property is sold, the staged items (which are often rented) are removed.

Staging involves furnishing and decorating an empty property or reconfiguring an occupied one. It might involve bringing in rented furniture, artwork, and decor to make the space look appealing for the duration of the sale process.

Staging is very much about the potential buyer. A professional stager will consider the likely demographic of buyers and stage the property to appeal specifically to that group.

A combined approach to property styling and staging

Property staging and property styling work best hand in hand. Your property may need a new coat of paint or some maintenance to be done in order for it to be presented in the best light, which your property stylist will recommend. In addition, the right furniture, artwork and decor can completely transform a space, which is where the property staging comes in.

As we covered before though, these days, the two terms are used pretty much interchangeably. At Brisbane Makeover Co, we can do both. Our experienced home staging and property stylists have two decades of experience. We will give you excellent  advice on the bigger upgrades to your home and improvements that will help increase your property’s presentation in preparation for sale, and we can also help with the tactical styling, technically called ‘staging’ for your home’s sale.

Differences in the cost of home staging vs. home styling

Want to know the differences between the cost to stage a house vs the cost of house styling?

Styling is about presenting the property’s best face, often involving more permanent changes or enhancements. Staging, meanwhile, is a temporary measure, tailored specifically to attract potential buyers during the sale process.

The costs of each really depends on the specifics and what needs to be done, but the home staging or property staging cost is usually cheaper than the home styling or property styling costs. This is because home staging is temporary and often incorporates hire furniture, decor and accessories, rather than buying them outright.

Home styling on the other hand, can be seen as an investment in the property. While the initial outlay is often higher, it can add permanent value to the home.

Your experienced property stylist (and property staging professionals)

Brisbane Makeover Co. are an award-winning property stylist and home staging company with a customised, bespoke approach to styling that turns any listing we touch into a quick sale at a higher price.

We use emotional and aspirational furnishing to improve your home’s appeal significantly.

Our experts in property styling and presentation can help you with property styling, or property staging.

We are experts in the selection, design and logistics of everything you need for complete home transformation. We can organise the furniture rental, installation, art hanging and styling and the removal of rental items at the end of your chosen term.

Your property stylist will also recommend any bigger property improvements we recommend in order to get the best sale price for your home.

Talk to a professional home stager and stylist from our team today.

So, how much does property styling cost?

If you’ve found this article because you’re trying to learn answers to any of the following questions, you’ve come to the right place;

  • What does house staging in Brisbane cost?
  • What does house staging in Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast cost?
  • What can I expect as a property styling cost for my home?

The short answer is, there are some ranges that these costs usually fall within for most property styling or staging, but it depends on a number of key factors. (For a quick, exact quote and styling home for all your home’s specifics, contact us today for a free styling proposal and quote). 

The factors influencing home staging costs

The following factors affect the cost of home staging and styling:

Size and layout of the home

Naturally, larger homes will require more furniture and accessories, leading to higher costs.


The duration for which the property will be staged can impact the cost. Some homes might need staging for just a few weeks, while others could need a few months.

Extent of Services

While some homeowners might require minimal touches, others might opt for a comprehensive overhaul that includes ex-display furniture packages and luxurious interior design services.

Your home stylist or home staging professional

The team you are working with will have an impact on the cost of your home staging or styling.

At Brisbane Makeover Co. we offer professional service, a diverse range of stunning furniture, and a huge depth of expertise. Our team specialise in styling luxury properties, and for this reason offer excellent value for luxury homes.

Here's what you can expect to pay for quality property styling

Initial consultation

Many home staging companies will charge you for the initial consultation, and the amount that they charge can range, depending on the depth of the consultation, the experience and expertise of the stylist, and the home itself. As you may expect, a home staging service for luxury homes is often a lot more involved than general homes. 

At Brisbane Makeover Co, our initial consultations with our experienced property stylists (who offer two decades of expertise and experience) are always complimentary, which means they don’t cost you a thing. We don’t charge for our initial consultations, whether your home is a luxury home or a standard home, and no matter how involved your styling needs to be.We like to offer these initial consultations with our clients for free, as it can make a big difference in the total cost of your property styling and staging. It’s just one of the ways that we offer high-quality service for fantastic value at Brisbane Makeover Co.

Partial staging cost

Ideal for homes that only need a few rooms staged, the cost of a partial home staging service is cheaper than a full house staging. Again, it really depends on the home and the situation. You may want to opt for a partial staging, if there are a few rooms that will make a big impression on your prospective buyers, or you’d like to keep the costs as low as possible while still benefiting from a professional property stylist.

At Brisbane Makeover Co., we offer what we call ‘integrations’, which can help elevate your home’s appeal dramatically, while saving you on costs. Our ‘integrations’ are a partial styling where we integrate our furniture with your existing furniture, for a partial styling option which elevates your entire home, for less. When you talk to us about your property styling and staging, we’ll talk you through this option and our other recommendations to help you get the biggest impact for your budget, and can suggest ways that we can help you save money in the process. 

Full house staging

This is a comprehensive service that varies based on the specifics of your home. Luxury home full house staging costs the most, as the impact of a luxury home on a potential buyer can make a big impact on the price they’ll pay for the home. A full house staging is a more expensive option than a partial home staging, but will ensure that your home makes the best impact possible on your interested buyers. First impressions count, and it takes just one buyer to fall in love with your property to have a highly successful sale. It’s been shown that properties that have had professional staging, particularly full house staging, spend less time on market, and sell for a higher buying price (more on that soon). 

Rental of Furniture and Accessories

The rental cost of the furniture is another part of the home staging cost that can fluctuate depending on a number of factors. You may need to rent a lot of furniture and accessories, or just a few statement items. Your property stylist will talk you through your options, and the costs associated with each, to help you make a decision. At Brisbane Makeover Co., we have access to a huge range of home-selling furniture and accessories, with options to suit different budgets, aesthetics, and needs. 

You can learn what the cost is for your home’s staging based on all these factors by getting in touch with our experienced team. We’ll provide you with a styling proposal and quote for your home for free.

The best way to know exactly what property styling will cost for your home and its needs? Ask our experts

At Brisbane Makeover Co., we are award-winning home staging specialists based in Brisbane. Our highly experienced team is passionate about transforming houses into homes and creating spaces that make a lasting impact on buyers, captivating them and invoking the emotional connection to your home that sees them imagine themselves in your property. 

We create unique, luxurious spaces for your ideal buyers to step into, and can help you sell your home sooner and for more money. Through styling, your home can be sold sooner, which can also mean less in relisting fees, marketing fees, and the ongoing costs associated with the sale of a home that is taking a while. 

While the cost of staging or styling a home can vary a lot depending on the home itself, how many rooms are to be staged, the amount of staging furniture, statement pieces and accessories you’ll need, our team is able to provide you with exact answers for the cost of staging your Brisbane home. 

Get in contact with our experienced team today and we’ll give you a free staging proposal and quote, so you can see the specifics of what we can do for your home, along with an exact price for the cost to do it. 

Request your free styling proposal today. 

The value of property styling

The most important thing to consider when you’re looking at your home staging costs and property styling cost is the value that the investment will provide.

An investment with a high return

It’s a proven fact that properties that are sold with a property styling campaign have a higher final sale price than those that do not. LJ Hooker conducted a national survey and found that styling a property for sale adds an average of 7.5% to 12.5% to a property’s final sale price. 

So when considering the initial home staging cost or cost of hiring property stylists, it’s important to factor in how much the professional styling can improve on your property’s selling price.

Staged homes sell faster

We’ve found in our personal and professional experience that staged homes simply sell much faster than homes that are not styled. Styling a home allows the potential buyers to see the full appeal of the space, and imagine themselves in the home.

Professional stylists like our fantastic team of property stylists at Brisbane Makeover Co. intricately know the market, what is selling, and what prospective buyers are looking for in a property, in particular when it comes to styling. We are able to directly target the different tastes of the target market of buyers who are most likely to want to invest in your house for sale. For luxury homes, appealing to the right buyers is more important than ever in order to sell for the price that your home can get.

It's about crafting an experience

At Brisbane Makeover Co. we don’t just furnish a space; we craft a unique and luxurious experience. With our award-winning touch, homes are transformed into captivating pieces of art that make a big impact on potential buyers.

So, is property styling worth the investment?

Absolutely. Think of it as setting the stage (pun intended). In the competitive nature of today’s market, across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast real estate, a well-styled property can significantly increase its perceived value. Not only can it reduce the time a property spends on the market, but it can also increase the sale price. In our experience, the returns certainly outweigh the initial home staging costs.

Home staging and styling with Brisbane Makeover Co.

If you have a property or house for sale and would like to maximise its selling potential, a professional home stager from Brisbane Makeover Co. can help you achieve just that. We focus on unforgettable, emotion-evoking interiors that are designed to truly resonate with your buyers. We can help you get a faster sale, a better sale price, and make the process easy. Talk to one of our friendly professional property stylists today and discover for yourself how much of a worthwhile investment professional home staging can be. We’ll start with learning about your property and needs, and then develop a free styling proposal and quote, which will tell you exactly how much your property styling will cost.


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