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Professional home styling is proven to secure higher sale prices for properties on the market.

Style Now, Pay Later Now Available

On Market 4 days | SOLD $3,300,000 | Expected Sales Price $2,400,000

How does property styling work?


Free Consultation

We’ll meet you on-site to get a feel for the property and who the ultimate buyer might be.


Scope & Quote

We’ll define a brief and scope and provide you with a detailed quote as well as the next steps.

Staging Set-Up

The furniture is delivered to your property and setup with every tiny, special touch in between.

Style Now, Pay Later

By leaving your home styling with our team of stylists, you can secure a higher sale price for your property. However, we know that the process of fixing your home up for sale, finding your next property, and going through the motions of moving house can be an expensive endeavour.

We offer flexible payment options, so you can Style Now, Pay Later.

Special Offer – Valued Up To $1,500.

Enquire now & receive a complimentary Master Bedroom Package

Book now and receive a complimentary Master Bedroom Styling Package when you stage your home with us. Our master bedroom styling is valued between $900 and $1,500.

Schedule your consultation now and find out how much value could be added to your property. 

We make the process simple

From our warehouse to your home our unique pieces are ready to go so there are no delays preparing your home for sale. 

With the proactive communication our team provides, we make the home styling process simple. Our stylists provide you with market insights and work with you to make strategic styling decisions.

Why collaborate with us?

Increase the ROI on your home

Home styling is proven to secure higher selling prices for listed properties. By crafting these perfect spaces, we allow the buyer to see themselves in the space and dream about aspirational living.

We craft spaces to the ideal buyer

We take on the perspective of your ideal buyer and style your space to create an idyllic lifestyle they can step into. By appealing to the perfect buyer, you can tick off their mental checklist as they view the property.

Get your listing to market sooner

Our warehouse of designer pieces and decades of experience allows us to get your space staged quicker, allowing you to get your home listed sooner.

We have a warehouse of pieces

We have a warehouse of designer pieces here in Brisbane. Ranging from furniture to once-off decor, we’re able to have your home styled quickly, using our own pieces.

Our stylists have a warehouse of designer pieces to draw on

Whether your ideal buyer is a humble family or a driven single professional — We use iconic piece to draw attention in a room and to create visual impact in images online.

We have our own warehouse here in Brisbane, so when a specific item is everything we need to pull a space together, we draw on our collection of bespoke pieces.

101 Hawken Drive

On Market 4 days | SOLD $3,300,000 

Expected Sales Price $2,400,000

Our leading industry expertise allowed us to consult with the homeowner and advise repainting their feature walls to a clean white and suggested particular furniture placement to match the modern interior of the home, for the owners to get the utmost value for their property. 

Due to COVID, we began to see a trend in the amount of ‘forever homes’ that were going to market, and the level of styling involved in making it inviting, warm and comforting for the ideal buyer – a family. 

Alongside this, we were able to profile a target buyer with our years of experience so well that the home sold in just 4 days and over 80,000 views online. 


The investment of home styling is quickly offset by the sale price it attracts

The homes we style typically sell faster and at a higher price. Our focus is on unforgettable, inspirational interiors that are specifically designed to inspire your ideal buyer’s lifestyle dreams and aspirations — not just generic home styling that fails to set the pace.

Every dollar you spend on targeted, sophisticated styling is quickly offset by attracting the premium sale price, while reducing the costs from a delayed sale.

Get your home listed sooner and take home more

Our warehouse here in Brisbane and our savvy team allows us to stage your home for sale quickly. It means you can get your professional photos taken sooner to get your property to market sooner for a quick sale. 

The quality of our home styling though, means you’ll be able to secure a higher asking price. 

Schedule your consultation now and find out how much value could be added to your property. 

We have a reputation
for sophistication

We were so happy with the work Brisbane Styling Co did for our property to be ready to sell, they really captured the beauty of the property and showcased it perfectly. The fabulous styling definitely attributed to the positive result on auction day. The process was so easy from receiving a quote, having everything installed and then removed when needed. They were a breeze to work with.

Kristy Rowe

Brisbane Makeover Co are my go to stylist for up to the minute, out of the box styling - none of the generic looks seen from home to home - the new collection is outstanding in quality. I never have to second guess - my clients will be receiving 5 star service from install, followup, and uplift.

Deb Maguire

Styling for property sale - luxurious transformation, excellent customer liaison, responsive to client needs, fabulous / fun team in house !!

Cate Absolon

David and the team take property styling to a new level. Our house was sold under 24 hours and before the first inspection. I give some credit if not all to David and his team for a great job in styling our house. Highly recommend them.

Behzad Nasirpour

Brisbane Makeover Co are truly the best in the business, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any agent or developer to style their properties for sale. David and the whole team are great people to work with and I would describe them as partners in the game. We first engaged them to assist in selling 43 apartments in one building and at any one point we would have between 3 to 6 displays on the ground. Each display was on point with quality furniture and pieces that elevated the properties and hit the target market perfectly, each with their own flair. The end result was a faster than anticipated project out delivered at a competitive cost. The whole team are responsive and helpful, trustworthy and true professionals. We now look to Brisbane Makeover Co as our go-to stylist and really value the relationship.

Michael Jones, Bold Residential & YPM Group

Book now and secure your free master bedroom styling

We’re offering our home selling clients a complimentary styling package for their master bedrooms when they stage their homes with us.
Our master bedroom styling is valued up to $1,500. 

Elevating Properties With Industry Leading Agencies

Brisbane Makeover Co. is here to style your property to sell. By creating an iconic look that is targeted to the ultimate buyer, our home styling increases online engagement by providing the best photographic vistas for your marketing. Meanwhile, it showcases your home with an iconic look that your buyers will continue to talk about long after they leave.