Bespoke. Unique. Turnkey.

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Brisbane Makeover Co. is Queensland’s elite team of home transformation specialists. Logistics of the rental furniture, installation, art hanging and styling, as well as the removal of the rental items at the end of the chosen term, signify our turnkey service so that all you need to focus on is managing the offers.

Focussed entirely on ensuring that your property stands out in the marketplace, our experienced team take professional property styling and presentation to the next level to create an unforgettable impression. More than just putting furniture in a room, our skill is channelled into drawing out the full potential of your home as a lifestyle experience to be envied and desired.

With our range of unique products, which include beautiful statement pieces, designer accessories and eye-catching artwork that are second to none, our depth of experience in property styling will elevate both your personal brand and your current listing from appearing generic to becoming iconic.